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City of Revere Improves Efficiency and Increases Communication with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Aug 28, 2013

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City of Revere, MA Seal The City of Revere, MA wanted to increase their transparency and improve the efficiency of city services. They implemented MaintenanceEdge to improve communication with their community of 52,459 and have seen some major benefits.

Here is their story:

The City of Revere, MA, set their sights on increasing communication with their citizens and utilizing technology to efficiently deliver city services. One initiative they led to achieve their goals was to have the Public Works Department start using a maintenance management system. They looked at a number of programs and chose FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge because of its ease of use. 

Mayor Daniel Rizzo worked with Public Works Superintendent, Donald Goodwin, to choose and implement the solution. They started looking at programs in July of 2012 and selected FacilityDude in September. They were up and running with MaintenanceEdge by the end of September 2012. In just their first 10 months of use, the city has seen major benefits.

Before, citizens would call or email to submit a work request to the DPW. Someone would write the request down and then Public Works would complete it. The problem was that there was no follow up to requestors that their issues were resolved. There was no dialogue about what was getting done to let residents know that the city was taking care of their concerns. If the original requestor called back for an update, it took multiple calls and emails for a City Hall employee to track down whoever had worked on the issue and get a status on the work order. Then that employee would have to contact the resident again and give them any updates. It was an inefficient and ineffective way to manage the process. 

Chart showing number of work orders for revere

Mayor Rizzo stated, “Now, we have a better dialogue with our citizens and they have a way to hold us accountable for work requests. Automatic updates from the system let requestors and employees know exactly what is going on with issues. The increased transparency with MaintenanceEdge has helped us close the communication loop and improve the customer service we offer the community.”

Another benefit of using this maintenance management system is the ability to assess their performance. City employees now have regular meetings to discuss open work orders, completion times, manpower and what issues they are seeing crop up.

“It’s brought to light a lot of issues that we didn’t know about before. We’ve created various charts and graphs that help us with our performance management and have been working with some of the colleges and universities in the area to evaluate our data. We want to make sure that as we gather statistics on our work performance, that we actively use that to improve the functioning of our organization,” says Mayor Rizzo.

One example is the craft category of their work orders. These categories let them understand how much work is grouped as carpentry, tree services or signage issues, for example. From examining these categories, they realized too many work orders had blank classifications, making it hard to group and analyze the work being done. City employees met and discussed how to fix this problem. They’ve seen a significant and steady decrease in the number of work orders without a craft category since they became aware of the issue and took steps to fix it.

The Department of Public Works is seeing an improvement in efficiency and their ability to prioritize work. Donald Goodwin, Superintendent of Public Works says, “We have found the system helpful in managing our daily workload. Before, it was a matter of how many pieces of paper we had waiting for us in the morning and there was no way to track who had what in their queue. Now, we can see a list of work assignments and prioritize it. It’s helped us understand how much work we’re getting done.” 

The council and mayor appreciate the new system as well because now they can easily submit work requests and get updates on what’s getting done for those requests. It has increased transparency on all sides because administrators can see who is requesting what work and those requestors can see what work is being done. “In the first ten months of using MaintenanceEdge, we’ve completed over 4,000 work orders. The system offers us an excellent way to get requests from the public, the mayor, and the city council into our work queue and communicate with them about what we’re getting done. We’ve been happy to see this improvement in our communication while also creating more efficiency within our organization,” says Rizzo.

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