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Riding the 2014 trend wave

By FacilityDude
Jan 02, 2014

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cloud computing image The end of every year comes with a whole host of predictions, ranging from doubts about the arrival of package-delivering drones to the triumphant return of the men's tunic. The business world, too, is buzzing with marketing and tech trends. It just so happens that FacilityDude's cloud-based maintenance management software happens to embody some of those hippest and most cutting-edge trends worth keeping an eye out for in 2014.

The rise of the cloud

One of the biggest predictions to hit the Internet is the increased use of cloud computing. For those new to cloud computing, it is a way for users to store and manage data on remote servers, as opposed to their own hard drives. The possibilities appear endless with cloud computing, as many people can file, access and update seemingly limitless amounts of data and files in real time. For starters, Inc. Magazine has claimed that it is all but certain that the cost of doing business via the cloud will continue to decrease. That means more cloud-based services at a lower cost. Second, Steve Sinofksy, a former president of the Windows division at Microsoft, has predicted that those cloud-based services are going to see a huge growth in the number of users as new businesses and consumers opt for the cloud over "traditional productivity tools."

CMMS on cloud nine

FacilityDude is ahead of the curve, already offering cloud-based productivity tools such as MaintenanceEdge. The software is not just trendy in terms of technology use, FacilityDude also happens to be on point in terms of cost. Case studies, such as The Landings Club in Savannah, seem to indicate just that.

"The system was affordable and I knew it would grow with us instead of forcing us to jump straight into the deep end like one of the bigger tools we looked at," said Doug Henderson, Director of Maintenance and Engineering at The Landings Club.

Simplicity is key

Another big trend for 2014 will be the rise of simplicity, according to The Christian Science Monitor. The news source reported over 600 million websites in existence and 1 million apps on Apple's App Store. The entirety of the digital universe also happens to be doubling approximately every two years. In an attempt to appeal to consumers, businesses will have to make their online services simple and effortless for users.

Yet again, MaintenanceEdge has seen the future with easy-to-use software for tracking work orders, planning maintenance and sharing data among any number of users in a facility's system. If you want to be on the cutting-edge in 2014, you don't have to buy that tunic - just stick with better building maintenance.

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