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Riverside Regional Medical Center Improves Tracking and Accountability with MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Apr 14, 2014

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Riverside Regional Medical Center in Virginia maintains a 72 acre campus and 960,000 square feet, which includes a 440 bed hospital. They needed better tracking to capture the department’s workload so staffing needs could be justified. David Pone, Director of Facilities Operations and Andrea Bryant, Administrative Coordinator for Facilities Operations, discuss their experience implementing FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge and the improvements they experienced.

Here is their story:

We wanted a work order system that was user-friendly and provided better tracking of department work. Our previous work order system was time consuming and complicated. Since it took multiple steps to create, print and close out a work order, we did not use the system as we should have. We lacked tracking and an accurate understanding of the department’s work. We needed a better way to capture the department’s workload so staffing needs could be justified.

The maintenance team was involved from the beginning of the search process. We chose MaintenanceEdge because of its ease-of-use, features, reporting capabilities and support. It is helpful that the system is web-based, saving us from spending money on servers or hardware. We also did not have to allocate any resources to install and maintain the infrastructure or handle updates. Our previous system was server based, so updates had to be coordinated with our IT people.

Riverside Regional Logo During implementation we had online training. The maintenance staff quickly picked up on how much easier MaintenanceEdge is to use. We rolled out the requestor role to all hospital and clinical staff and now every computer in the hospital has the FacilityDude icon on the screen. This allows the staff to enter a work order from anywhere within the facility. Requestors are more likely to put in a work order than they were before because it is much easier and user-friendly. Actually, it is just as easy to put in a work order as it is to send an email! The phone does not ring with work order requests like it used to. The system has been well-received by the entire staff and we have received compliments from them.

MaintenanceEdge has streamlined our maintenance operations and improved accountability. When a work order is dispatched, technicians can choose to print out the work order, view it on their phone, or manage them from any computer in the hospital, which saves time. Technicians can put in a work order for another technician or for another trade. The days of technicians not closing out work orders because of the cumbersome process is now a thing of the past!

We now have the ability to see when a work order was issued and when it was completed. We have better control and more insight into who is doing what. It is easy to run a report and see how many work orders were completed and what is still open. 

The different roles and access levels provide more flexibility for managing things. Supervisors can easily reassign work orders, which is something we were not able to do previously. And it is easy to change roles in the system. When Andrea went on vacation, she temporally made someone an admin so they could assign work. Upon her return, she easily changed that person back to their original role. That flexibility in the system means there is no bottleneck in our day-to-day operations since it is web-based. We can even manage work orders from home.

We have several reports we run frequently. We report on the number of open work orders and their days aged. We also run reports on what work is going on in a specific part of the building. Monthly we report on open work orders by technician. Quarterly we run a report for work done at the surgery center because we are able to bill for that work. We just run a labor hours report for that location, then send the bill.

Occasionally we get asked to provide information and it is easy to use reporting to answer those questions. Internal auditors recently asked for a  report on all PM work for an eye wash station. We were able to pull that report quickly and easily.

One reason we chose MaintenanceEdge was the support. We needed better support since with our previous system we had to communicate via email or by visiting their website for help. There was never any one-on-one talking on the phone and sometimes it was harder to describe issues through email than over the phone. FacilityDude does call back within an hour or less.

MaintenanceEdge makes life easier and simplifies operations. It creates better documentation and better accountability. Additionally, it enables hospital staff to have better access to information. When they log into the system, they can see the status of all the work orders for their location, which helps reduce duplicate requests. MaintenanceEdge helps communication throughout the hospital.

Riverside Regional Labor Hours

Reporting shows total labors hours spent at the surgery center.

Click the link below to download the .pdf.


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