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Saint Elizabeth Home saves time, improves communication with MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Aug 25, 2014

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Saint Elizabeth Home saves time, improves communication with MaintenanceEdge Saint Elizabeth Home in Rhode Island maintains a 120 bed skilled nursing and rehab building. They needed better tracking to help prioritize work, a better PM process to ensure work was completed, and the ability to obtain documentation. Charles Brown, Director of Maintenance, shares how implementing FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge and InventoryEdge led to several operational improvements and savings.

Here is their story: 

Our paper system for preventive maintenance was cumbersome to use and difficult to show accountability. We did not have a clear idea where technicians were on completing tasks or how much money was spent on projects. Preventive maintenance was tracked on a spreadsheet, and documenting the completion of projects was not occurring. In the past maintenance requests were received either by phone, or entered into a binder with a paper request form from staff. The binders were checked once a day, so there was not a good system to address urgent matters.

FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge was a good match for us and addressed all of these challenges. In our busy environment, simplicity is important. Implementation was so smooth that I had my system almost completely setup and running before my initial training. The maintenance staff used the system for a few months, and then we rolled it out to the rest of the facility. We removed the paper binders and directed people to MaintenanceEdge to submit requests using a login and password. The staff adopted the system quickly because it is user friendly. A request can now be submitted faster using the online system than filling out the old paper form. Also, since each nursing wing has a login, the nurse managers and staff can see their requests and get constant updates without having to call maintenance.

In addition to streamlining communication between maintenance and staff, we also found significant time savings. Previously with our paper system, every morning we had to do a round of the building, checking the request binders and stopping and asking everyone, “Do you need anything?” Completing this round took an hour. Now, that hour is saved, which adds up to over 350 hours in a year! One technician checks the dashboard in MaintenanceEdge each morning to see if there are any new requests, then grabs his Kindle and starts his day. Having the Kindle enables the maintenance staff to manage work on the fly. We still get stopped in the hallway with requests, so when that happens, he can enter the work request and the unit it was requested by so they still stay in the loop on progress.

For managing the department’s work on a daily basis, the dashboard is very helpful. You can see any new requests, work in progress, and also have the ability to look at the individual work orders from there if needed.

Having all work orders in one location helps with reporting for both external and internal stakeholders. Whenever regulatory agencies visit our facility, we will be able to run reports proving we did our fire drills or generator tests. Reporting can also help with managing projects. We are completely renovating 28 rooms in our rehab unit and we are tracking that project and all work associated with it in the system. If my administrator wants a breakdown of work status, labor hours or costs, I can just pull up a report and email it to him, which saves the time of setting up a meeting to convey the information.

Once we got our daily workflow process streamlined, we wanted to manage our inventory items electronically as well, so we added InventoryEdge. Previously whenever a technician would use an item, he would have to hunt for the item price on a spreadsheet, then enter that cost into the expendable items budget area in MaintenanceEdge in order to track the actual cost. Once I get everything fully loaded into InventoryEdge, technicians will be able to just type in “light bulb” to find the item and we can eliminate the spreadsheet. 

Although we are currently implementing InventoryEdge we are already seeing savings. We quickly realized some items are overstocked, and we also found items that we didn’t know we had on hand. This process has allowed us to tighten up our inventory control and create a system for monitoring where items are being stored. We will be able to save a significant amount on the inventory budget with InventoryEdge.

Now that we have both MaintenanceEdge and InventoryEdge, budget analysis and planning will be much easier. Detailing the work completed and the cost of the inventory items will be made easier. All this information will provide a more complete picture of the department’s budget and allow for better planning and budgeting.

MaintenanceEdge has made my life so much easier. It’s amazing how straight-forward things are now. In the past I would get a phone call, drop what I was doing, go up on the unit and have a conversation about a request. Whereas now staff makes requests into the system and when I get the notification, I review it and determine if we can finish what we were doing before addressing the new request. MaintenanceEdge saves time and makes prioritizing work easier, which makes the day go smooth.


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