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Sandusky County Improves Documentation to Limit Liability with MaintenanceEdge

By Emma Finch
Dec 13, 2013

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Sandusky County, Ohio (population 60,510) was having difficulty prioritizing their work and ensuring all requests were addressed. After implementing MaintenanceEdge, they have been able to prioritize requests and the team is now mobile. An additional benefit is that their risk is reduced because of improved documentation. Theresa Garcia, the Personnel / Loss Control Director, recently spoke with us about their transition to our maintenance management system.

Here is their story:

Sandusky County, OH Seal Before we started using MaintenanceEdge, our work order process really wasn’t a very formal process. People would see someone from maintenance walking by and stop them to put in a request, despite whether that person was a maintenance worker or housekeeper. Then, that person had to remember the request and pass it along to a supervisor when they next saw them. It was hard for the supervisors to prioritize work for their teams and hard to ensure that everything was getting done. Another issue was that we didn’t have an official preventive maintenance program. If something broke down, we fixed it. We weren’t doing preventive maintenance on our big equipment, like the HVAC, because it was hard enough to remember to make sure we were doing the small stuff, like checking the fire extinguishers on a regular basis.

We started using FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge because our facility manager wanted a user friendly program that could handle planned maintenance. To get us started, the facility manager put our largest building’s information in the system. We were able to start using the system for work orders with that building and he continued to add in other buildings. It was a good way for our staff to get used to the system and roll it out at our own speed.

The biggest benefit for us from MaintenanceEdge is the improvement in communication. The supervisors and department heads all have access to the system. We can see requests come in and updates about what’s being worked on. With over 600 people in 22 buildings, it’s huge to have communication so streamlined. The automatic notifications are the best! When a request is entered, there’s an immediate notification that it’s been received and then updates about its progress. People quickly got used to being updated so frequently and it’s saved aggravation for both customers and the maintenance team. Customers are aware of what’s going on and the maintenance team isn’t worried about being stopped or answering phone calls about updates.

Another benefit is the freedom MaintenanceEdge gives staff to work independently without having to check in all the time. The maintenance team doesn’t have to go back to the shop to pick up a list of work to be done. They can access the system as they finish one job to see what the next one on their list is. The supervisor is now able to easily prioritize their work for them, which he appreciates.

I handle loss control and safety and MaintenanceEdge has been critical to ensuring we have the records we need. Documentation is so important and to have it all in a system makes a huge difference: a few clicks versus fishing through a file cabinet. The system helps ensure we record all the details about our work because the system prompts us to fill those out. An area that is vital for us to document is when we plow, salt, and shovel the sidewalks in winter. Having these records proves that we make consistent efforts and that there’s no neglect on our part. MaintenanceEdge is a major help in allowing us to show that we do our due diligence in keeping everything safe and well-repaired. All of our documentation is securely held in a system on the computer so there’s no question about what was done when. Paper records are good but computer records are better.

MaintenanceEdge has also made doing our building walkthroughs much easier. When I find things that need to be done, I can simply pull up the system and enter them in. Then, I have the ability to follow up on those items and ensure they were completed. When work is done, I print off the work order and attach it to documents if needed, so if anyone from the insurance company needs records, we have them showing what we found, how we reacted, and that it is now fixed.

Using Planned Maintenance has been huge for us! Small issues were caught before they were big problems. Now, we do preventive maintenance on a regular basis and we don’t forget it because the system reminds us. Preventive maintenance is so important for budget: we would rather have the guys change a $40 filter than spend $5,000 on a major repair.

All in all, we love using MaintenanceEdge! It’s helped us have a work order process that improves communication throughout our county. We’ve also been able to build up our planned maintenance and ensure we have records to prove our facilities are well-maintained in the event anyone ever questions that.

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