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SaskCentral Saves Time and Money with MaintenanceEdge and UtilityTrac Plus

By Kate Donnelly
Mar 14, 2013

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SaskCentral, in Saskatchewan, Canada, is a commercial office building with 250,000 square feet, multiple tenants and 600 building occupants. They implemented MaintenanceEdge to help streamline their work order process and stay on top of planned maintenance.  They also found the need to track building improvements and show savings using UtilityTrac Plus. Shawn Martin, Facility Services Manager, Kevin Gabel, Maintenance Engineer, and Doug Spencer, Building Operations Manager tell us how FacilityDude has impacted their work and efficiency.

Here is their story:

No one could figure out how to use our previous maintenance management system, and right from the start we decided it was a lemon. We had a hard time adding and removing equipment in the system, and tracking history was so cumbersome, it just wasn’t working for us. We were using maybe 10% of the system, and even that 10% was useless to us. It was to the point where we had stacks of paper files, and our four maintenance technicians would reference equipment using them, because it was easier than trying to use the system.

We heard FacilityDude would be at an event, so we decided to go see what it was all about. Four of us went; we saw the product, and thought it looked great. It looked really simple, like something we could really use. And not to mention the price was right! We thought to ourselves: Why not take a chance on it? What did we have to lose? And we have ended up loving MaintenanceEdge. Now we have a system we can use 100%.

Our building has about 600 occupants; we have tenants that are mainly financial companies and all of them use MaintenanceEdge. It was nice to have the flexibility to decide how to set up requestors. After discussing with the tenants, we ended up assigning a few requestor logins to each separate tenant so they could filter what got submitted to us. The tenants enjoy being able to track their request without having to call and see what is happening.

The way we handle our incoming work orders has become much more efficient. Before FacilityDude, when there was a work order request, all of the maintenance technicians were notified. They would have to call or email each other to see who was going to handle what. Now, there is no question about who is doing what.

Our last preventive maintenance program became out dated, expensive, and it was not user friendly. It was easy to set up our PM schedules in MaintenanceEdge and now we have all of our equipment information and PM’s against that equipment in one location. With our old system, it was very time consuming to retrieve our weekly PM work orders and if you made a mistake, it was very hard or impossible to correct. It is very easy to change equipment data, scheduling, users, and general information in MaintenanceEdge. There is a place we can go that will inform us when and where our PMs need to be done. We’re not sifting through paper files to look for that information anymore, it is handed to us. We haven’t been able to crunch the numbers, but there is no doubt that we are saving time.

Another component of our success with FacilityDude? UtilityTrac Plus. It allows us to flag when we make an improvement, and see the changes right away—we just love it. We’ve been tracking various improvement projects, and to date we have achieved 16% in total utility savings. We are in a program called BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards), and they classify existing buildings based on energy and environmental performance standards. We have obtained a Level 2 certification, but the reporting and data that UtilityTrac Plus provides will move us to a Level 3 in a much more simplified way.

Bar graph showing energy use intensity for SaskCentral

UtilityTrac Plus makes our jobs easier by providing a one stop location to record and monitor our utilities, which makes creating clear and precise reports painless. We send them right to our marketing department when they are putting together the executive summary at the end of the year. We can show: This shows the investment we put in for certain equipment or improvements, and as a result this is what we are seeing in savings. It helps us because next year when we go and ask for budget—there is no question we will get it. UtilityTrac Plus wasn’t even something we were looking for at first, but it has been so great, and it was such a reasonable price, it would have been silly not to do it.

We would absolutely promote FacilityDude products to anyone. First of all, everybody out there thinks it’s a very costly thing, and it’s not. We were surprised to learn how affordable these tools really are, and they will save you money, there is no question about that. Another thing we would point out is the ease of implementation. The FacilityDude support staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. It is easy to get training and support with tips and tricks webinars that they host regularly or by e-mail, phone or their web page “help” links. Overall, we are very satisfied with MaintenanceEdge and UtilityTrac Plus, we are more efficient at our jobs and we can take better care of our equipment to maximize its longevity and save money.

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