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The Second Day of Maintenance: Roofing

By FacilityDude
Dec 04, 2013

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The second day of maintenance is here and, with it, roofing tips. The roof is an essential component to proper facility maintenance, keeping heat in, water out and tenants snug and dry. However, if you should hear such a clatter on your roof, it is probably not a reindeer hoof. The only gift that winter brings is heavy snow loads and an increased risk of water damage. Make sure your roof is well prepared for whatever may land overhead.

The zombie roof problem

This time of year is all out with the old and in with the new. Yet, fixing and maintaining the roof is often left off the New Year's resolution list. The result is a zombie roof - one that is well past dead and yet still sticks around. We've covered the topic once but it deserves a review with winter weather upon us.

One of the surest causes of a zombie roof is a piled stack of work orders. MaintenanceEdge can help keep track of submitted work orders as well as tasks that have been completed. An increasing trend of work orders means you may just have a roof that is on its last leg. You should calculate the potential cost of repairs, compare it to the cost of a new roof and determine which is more cost effective.

Check for leaks

Snowy roofing Holes in your roof not only let out heat, they also let in water, which ruins insulation and creates a potential mold problem. FacilitiesNet cites three key points where water might get past your roof barrier. The first is near roof penetrations, such as roof drains, air vents and chimneys. Now is a good time to check the sealant around those penetrations and replace water proofing if it's worn. The second entry point for water is along roof perimeters, where flashing meets roof pans, shingles or whatever material covers the rest of the roof. You will want to make sure that water isn't wicking behind and under the flashing and making its way inside.

The last leak issue is condensation. If there isn't proper ventilation space between the roof and the air space underneath, condensation can form and get inside.

Clear the roof

You will also want to have a good game plan for clearing your roof of snow and, more importantly, ice. Snow rakes and shovels are classic ways to clear a roof, but you can also use snow melt tablets or heating cables to keep ice from forming.

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