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Secure your facility with routine maintenance checks

By FacilityDude
Nov 07, 2013

Facilities Management

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security camera If you were tuned into your television, you may have heard about how a gunman recently opened fire at the Westfield Garden State Plaza mall in New Jersey. CNN reported that luckily, no bystanders were injured. However, this incident definitely goes down in the books as another reminder to facilities managers to make security a top priority.

One of FM personnel's responsibilities is to guarantee the protection of their occupants and operations. If managers are looking to stay on the ball with regards to security, then it is important that they keep up with maintenance. By managing and monitoring regular audits, facilities will be able to effectively improve their odds against a number of potential threats.

Barricading facility buildings

According to FacilitiesNet, managers should incorporate routine security checks into their maintenance operations. Facility buildings and their surrounding areas should all be carefully examined to make sure that nothing poses any risk. Equipment, structures and their associated accessories need to be tested to verify that they are in good condition and working order.

Possible areas of entry should be outfitted with necessary features to guarantee better facility protection. This means that staff members should inspect doors and windows to confirm that their locks and bolts are sufficient. Less obvious points of access are particularly vulnerable, increasing facilities susceptibility to security threats. Because of this, managers need to assure that maintenance employees inspect large openings such as air vents, making certain that they are properly protected.

Securing the surrounding areas

In addition to checking building features, managers should be sure to maintain all systems throughout the grounds around facilities. It may sound like a no-brainer, but video surveillance cameras should be inspected frequently. If digital recording equipment is damaged or outdated, then managers should plan to repair or replace them. By assuring that security cameras are up and running, managers can successfully monitor activity throughout their facilities, which will ultimately help to decrease disturbances that may threaten their operations, staff members and clients.

While surveillance system maintenance is important in keeping track of possible security risks, there is a way that managers can actually deter incidents from happening. Security Management states that facilities that ensure that their buildings and their premises are appropriately lit could help to ward off crime. Because of this, lighting systems and their equipment should be routinely inspected and maintained, eliminating dark areas prone to threats.

To effectively coordinate and track these regular security maintenance audits, facilities may find it beneficial to schedule these in a planned maintenance format so they auto generate, and they are never forgotten. Through a tool like MaintenanceEdge, managers can easily submit electronic inspection and work orders to maintenance personnel, monitoring the progress of these requests. MaintenanceEdge will automatically store and organize this data, which will make ultimately help facilities keep track of their protection initiatives.

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