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Sheridan County proves they saved 35% on energy with UtilityTrac Plus

By Emma Finch
Dec 06, 2012

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We recently caught up with Mike Morris, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor for Sheridan County, WY, to discuss his experiences using UtilityTrac Plus. With this tool, he’s been able to verify that his savings from building improvements to one building resulted in a 35% reduction in energy use. He’s also able to justify future improvement projects.

Here is his story:

We wanted to examine our utility bill information which led to our purchase of UtilityTrac Plus. The system is really nice because it tells me our usage trends and cost trends. I can see up to three years of data in my reports if I want or I can look at each year alone. Overall, UtilityTrac Plus gives me a snap shot of what we’re doing and makes sure we’re taking a closer look at our bills. I can check usage by commodity or time period and can look at all the buildings together or separately.

In an effort to save money on our energy, we made some improvements to our public health building, like replacing windows and siding. We needed a way to measure the impact of this project, so we used UtilityTrac Plus. We were able to verify that we reduced our energy spend on that building by 35%. Without UtilityTrac Plus, we wouldn’t have known how much we saved; it would have all been guesswork. I can validate more projects like this in the future because I have the data to back them up.

We have been able to combat our rising energy costs by decreasing our usage. For example, some of our buildings have lights that automatically turn off when there’s been no movement for a certain amount of time. I know what we’re doing is saving us money because I can track it all in UtilityTrac Plus.

Thanks to UtilityTrac Plus, we can effectively track our utility costs and use to understand the effect of building improvements and justify future projects.

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