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Six steps for getting your lawn gear ready

By FacilityDude
Jun 16, 2014

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With warm weather upon us, you can now turn your attention to that beautiful lawn outside. Well, chances are it's turned a bit brown in these few months, but you can have it back to its healthy splendor in no time, so long as you have the right tools for the job. 

Inspecting your lawn When it comes to dealing with your landscape, you'll have plenty to tackle in the last few weeks of spring, as plants and grass will be thirsty for water. That likely means you're going to put your lawn tools to plenty of use. Whether you're taking care of an entire golf course or just a few patches of grass, make sure you have all of your tools operating at their best.

Inspecting equipment

You're going to need numerous tools expressly used to for lawn maintenance management. The first thing you'll want to do is clear your storage unit of all the winter gear that might still be hanging around, and bring to the fore your lawn equipment. That includes everything from shovels and hoes to hedge trimmers and mowers.

Those latter two pieces of equipment are likely to gain much of your attention, as they're motorized and therefore more likely to have some form of mechanical issues. It's possible that they still have damage from last season or were broken in the move. No matter what could have happened, you'll want to inspect your equipment to make sure that its in working order. Check fluid levels and replace the oil, look over the motor and double-check all of the safety mechanisms, including release bars and automatic stops. Your ties should also have the right air pressure, and you might even want to replace the blades on your mower.

Top tips for basic lawn care

It's a daunting job, sure, but someone's got to tend to that sprawling lawn. Breaking down this job into tasks that can be done one day at a time can ensure a lush, sprawling green that seems like it took no effort at all. Now that you've already gotten your equipment squared away, just keep in mind these steps from HGTV.com.

  1. Check the pH of your soil. 
  2. Weed, till and strip until the lawn is free of unsightly growths or clumps.  
  3. Pack the topsoil with a roller, then aerate the area with a metal rake. 
  4. It's a question for the ages: seed or sod? Decide which makes the most sense for your facility.  
  5. Get your watering system in check, whether you're setting up a deluxe system or are going simple.  
  6. Fertilize your grass at least once in the spring and once in the fall, and consider a mid-summer snack for the lawn for an extra boost.
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