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The Sixth Day of Maintenance: CMMS

By FacilityDude
Dec 11, 2013

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What should all facilities managers want in their stockings this year? Computerized maintenance management software, of course! Today, on the sixth day of maintenance, FacilityDude celebrates one of its favorite topics with a quick guide on facility maintenance software: what it is, why you should want it and what you should look for before putting it on your wish list.

CMMS does exist

Think of a CMMS as a whole team of Santa's elves, but instead of making toys, they are recording, organizing and tracking every piece of information you could want in order to keep your facility running as best as it can. They can help you keep track of work orders, scheduled maintenance, and cost. Best of all, with software such as MaintenanceEdge, that mass of data is organized in an easy-to-use, cloud-based data center, so you don't have to worry about losing any of your information and you won't have to go searching through file cabinets looking for work order slips.

All I want for maintenance...

Cloud Computing Image The positive impacts of a CMMS on your facility efficiency can be huge. As FMLink recently noted, there are a whole host of benefits to smart building technologies, among them a rapid return on investment, energy savings and even an improved corporate social responsibility profile. Facility management software is a fantastic first step to reaping those benefits.

As far as money is concerned, a more streamlined database means less time and energy wasted trying to find work orders and maintenance records. Also, with a more efficient system, you can expect more routine maintenance checks on the equipment that needs it most. The more you keep on top of your maintenance, the less likely the facility is going to fall into disrepair. Increased work orders for a certain piece of equipment or area of a building over time may help you to identify a bigger problem. Maybe you are fixing your boiler every other week, or tenants are constantly requesting the heat be turned up- it may be time to replace your boiler!

What to put on your wish list

What you should look for in a CMMS is simple. You want software that's easy to use and efficient. Also, because not all CMMS' are created equal and holiday gifts are a time for getting the coolest gadgets out there, your CMMS might as well be cloud-based and wireless so you can check records on the go.

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