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Sky Lakes Medical Center Shares Story on Successful Implementation of MaintenanceEdge

By Amy Myers
Nov 26, 2012

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Sky Lakes Medical Center in Oregon maintains 800,000 square feet, including a 176 bed hospital. They needed to implement a work order system that was less time consuming, have user-friendly reporting, and enable a better PM process. Rick McGuffey, Facility Manager, and Karen Maxwell, Engineering Secretary, walk through how they transitioned from their previous system to FacilityDude's MaintenanceEdge.

Here is their story:

At Sky Lakes Medical Center, we wanted simplicity. Our previous work order system was cumbersome. To enter a work order, we had to go through a multiple-step process. Anytime we wanted to run a report, or had a specific inquiry, it was a hassle to figure out where to go to get what we needed. The system was time consuming and complicated. There were parts of the system we never really were comfortable with since it handled both facilities and biomed. Software updates were never smooth. Every time there was an update, we would have to call their support because it would cause other problems. We needed a system that made things simple. We wanted it to be easy to enter a work order and to get data out of the system. FacilityDude’s MaintenanceEdge was a perfect fit.

Once we signed up with FacilityDude, we began the process of getting our information out of the previous system and imported into MaintenanceEdge. We exported all of our equipment and utilized FacilityDude’s importing services to get the equipment into MaintenanceEdge. Since we initially rolled out the system to just the maintenance department, we configured the users individually. It was a very easy process and if we needed help, Client Services was glad to assist with any questions.

When it was time for training on how to use MaintenanceEdge, we determined on-site training would be the best way for us. We knew the staff would be more involved and learn faster from hands-on instruction. During training, Client Services walked everyone through the entire work order process and the technicians realized MaintenanceEdge would be easier to use than our previous system. 

During on-site training, we quickly set up Planned Maintenance schedules. We leveraged schedules from the previous system and then went through our equipment list and created any other needed schedules. After the schedules were in the system and assigned to technicians, we realized that some PM assignments had changed. Reassigning the PMs was straightforward and easy – it only took a couple of minutes!

Graph of Sky Lakes Work Orders for May-Aug

Once training was complete, everyone began using the system and adapted to the change well, even the ones who are not the most technology savvy. In addition to using a new system, there were a few process improvements. Since MaintenanceEdge is web-based, as technicians go through their day they can update work orders at any computer. Having unlimited users means we no longer have to worry about exceeding our user license allotment. The technicians can always get into the system when they need to. And the system updates have been seamless. We are always able to find what we need quickly and easily. 

The biggest improvement is how we manage our PM program. Previously on the first of the month we had to print out all PMs so technicians knew what work was coming up and its due date. Now when technicians login any PM work assigned to them comes up on their home screen dashboard. They know about that work right away. MaintenanceEdge makes it so much easier to see when PM work is due and helps us prioritize. We could never do that with our PM work before!

Implementation went smoothly because everyone felt like they had ownership in the process and access to the support we need. Previously, if the technicians had a question, they had to relay the question to Karen and she would contact support. Now, technicians can get help right away using phone, email or online chat. Several of the technicians have already utilized online chat and they really like it, saying it was helpful for them to have support right when they needed it. It means a lot to talk to people if you have a problem and you are not quite sure what you are doing. Being able to reach someone quick and easy is another time savings for everyone.

We are very glad we implemented MaintenanceEdge. The system manages everything we need and is cost effective. We were looking for an easy-to-use system that was less time consuming for technicians. We wanted technicians to spend more time doing the work itself instead of managing paperwork and now they are able to do that! MaintenanceEdge fulfilled all our goals. It has proven to be a great investment.

To download the entire case study, please click the link below.


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