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Strategic facilities management planning crucial in an uncertain economy

By FacilityDude
Oct 29, 2013

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Man drawing a cloud computing diagram Given the current economic uncertainty gripping the U.S., many facility managers may feel overwhelmed simply keeping up with their daily responsibilities. For this reason, for some strategic planning has been placed on the back burner. While the idea of cutting into valuable time to sit back and strategize may seem counterintuitive due to a lack of times and resources, FacilitiesNet reports that it actually might be the best move an organization can make in times of uncertainty.

Finding the time for strategic planning may require the use of a facilities management system to identify trends and potential changes, but the long-term benefits are well worth it, especially in times of economic uncertainty. For many companies, using strategic planning can allow them to make the most out of their maintenance operations, improving overall facility efficiency. 

Turning strategic planning into a reality

Some organizations sideline long term planning and preventative work in favor of fighting fires, as it seems for many like there is always more corrective work to be done. However, long term planning isn’t just about realizing a distant goal – it’s also about setting achievable short-term objectives. These objectives can be planned for, prioritized, and completed, and analyzing the results of these smaller steps can help the organization identify where it needs to direct its resources and attention in the future.

In other words, an organization cannot simply decide that it wants to reduce operational costs – it needs a game-plan, a set of achievable stepping stones to drive them to that ultimate goal. For example, a team could pinpoint the ways in which they can save money by improving communication, and those changes could in turn increase efficiency. Making these decisions and identifying changes for the future requires data, and this is where facility management software can be extremely beneficial. A tool that can analyze and report on past behavior can be instrumental in planning what changes need to happen in the future.

Strategic planning is never finished, according to Balanced Scorecard. Once facilities managers establish their goals and identify the actions needed to achieve them, they should set up their system in conjunction with all of their building and equipment data, then recheck the processes and make any necessary corrections. By continually evaluating progress and making needed improvements, facility management systems can then go with the flow and adapt to work in any kind of environment.

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