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Team effort is needed for more than just the Super Bowl

By Kate Donnelly
Feb 02, 2015

Facilities Management

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The New England Patriots' early February win in this year's Super Bowl demonstrated that, above all else, it takes teamwork to become champions of the National Football League. Of course, this lesson can be applied to far more than just the football field.

Team effort is needed for more than just the Super Bowl Much like coaching a successful football team, running an efficient facility is a process of bringing all the different players and positions together in a way that they can each complement each other. Even though you may not be completing passes or running the ball through a wall of defenders, facility management success depends just as much on teamwork, communication and dedication.

Commit to success

It may sound like a no-brainer, but the first step to ultimate success, whether it's hoisting the Super Bowl trophy or enjoying a cleaner, more efficient and more cost-effective facility is to commit to winning right out of the gate. Every member of the Patriots, including staff and support personnel, committed to bringing home the championship - it didn't just rest on the shoulders of a select few. So too should your facility management goals be shared with each tenant and faculty member. Facility management isn't an isolated part of a building's operation, it's essentially woven in to everything that happens under that roof. Your tenants have just as much of a stake in ensuring building maintenance, energy efficiency and inventory goals are met, so make sure that sustainability excellence is a shared goal.

Be a leader

On the field, the Patriots look to quarterback Tom Brady for leadership. Within the walls of your facility, that task falls to you. As the facility manager, you're the expert on the ins and outs of the building's operations, whether it's knowing when inventory needs to be restocked or knowing what to do when a piece of equipment breaks down. Fortunately, you've got tools at your disposal. Building automation technology and CMMS dashboards can help you to stay on top of the multiple moving parts required to keep your facility running, be they tracking work orders, updating statuses of repair jobs or monitoring the operations and capital budgets.

Choose the right plays

What led the Patriots to victory was their ability to choose the plays best suited to their offense and defense. When you're managing a facility, you need to do the same thing. If your building has a building automation system, you can use that to help manage certain tasks, like timing light usage to save energy. On a similar note, make sure your tenants are aware of your goals and how to reach them. Encourage everyone to turn lights out in empty rooms, or recycle paper and cardboard instead of throwing it out. When everyone on the team knows the plays by heart, the chances of scoring a victory are much higher.

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