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The Tenth Day of Maintenance: FacilityDude University

By FacilityDude
Dec 17, 2013

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Now that the 12 Days of Maintenance is helping you rack up a huge wish list for the Holiday Season, we have something that you might want to push to the top of your list. A million dollars? Nope. A brand new house? No sir. All the cookies you can eat? What could be better than that? FacilityDude University 2014, of course (duh)!

For those that may not be familiar with FacilityDude University (you’ve been missing out), you may be thinking “What’s the big deal?” Well, hold your horses and we’ll tell you! It is truly a one of a kind event. The training and sessions we provide at FacilityDude University are designed specifically for you, and even taught by you. You will have the chance to share ideas and learn from the best practices of industry leaders and other successful organizations. This is an experience for anyone (yes anyone, not just clients) responsible for managing and maintaining facilities. Since you’ve been good, we’ll give you ten reasons why this should be at the top of your wish list for Jolly Saint Nick: FDU 2014 Seal

  1. Build a strategic vision for your department and ensure goals align with the overall strategic goals of your organization.
  2. You will save your organization time and money by investing in the training you need to keep your facilities operational and efficient.
  3. You will learn how your peers are successfully overcoming similar challenges so you can be a leader of positive change with proven methodologies.
  4. You can identify sessions directly related to your job and return to the office with innovative solutions to improve the management of projects and teams.
  5. You will take away best practices that can be applied immediately for direct and measurable results.
  6. You will learn new ways to improve the image of your department and aid in the profitability and longevity of your organization.
  7. By continuing your facility management training and education, your administration can be confident that your facilities are being managed by an informed, skilled and prepared professional.
  8. You will have access to products and services from the leading names in facility-related solutions.
  9. If your organization has invested in FacilityDude solutions, you will receive advanced and specialized product training to maximize your investment and increase your productivity.
  10. Receive a certificate for the number of session hours you complete to submit and apply towards your continuing education.

What are you waiting for!? Register now!

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