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The City of Revere Goes Social with their Stats

By Greg Hyer
Oct 06, 2014

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How One US-City Government Holds Themselves Accountable with Social Media

The City of Revere, MA understands the responsibility of keeping citizens informed. As part of their performance management program, Revere has been using social media to share data with citizens in an effort to make the performance of their city open and transparent.

In May of 2014, the City of Revere took to Twitter and created a unique account that would share the city's performance management program stats. I had a chance to speak with Mayor Dan Rizzo's Chief of Staff, Miles Lang-Kennedy, about the significance of this program and what it delivers to the citizens of Revere.

Miles was quick to point out that the Mayor felt it was critically important that the citizens of Revere have the opportunity to become informed about how their government was using taxpayer dollars towards maintaining and managing existing infrastructure such as buildings, roads and equipment. This requires that the city government operate with a maximum of transparency. One way this is accomplished is with the usage of social media networks to distribute important information.

Every month, members of the performance management team meet to compile the results of how they have done with managing the city. For example, the Department of Public Works at the City of Revere, a client of ours, is utilizing our solutions to document and manage all their work order requests. Once the stats are compiled, they snap a screenshot of the results and share it on their Twitter account, @Rev_Stat. Below you will see an example of one of their recent updates.

Sharing the results of a MPM or CitiStat program is a critical component to hold government accountable to be more results oriented, data driven and public facing. The City of Revere has found that using social media to disseminate their performance results has been more effective than traditional means. By using social, the information is available the moment it is posted to it’s citizens.

When considering using social media to share your performance management results, Miles mentioned that sharing such data is not a technically difficult task. Taking a screen-shot and sharing it on Twitter is easy to do. Being consistent is key. This is why a monthly meeting is held to analyze their performance from the previous month and make the results ready to share.


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