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The Community YMCA replaces paper with a CMMS

By Kate Donnelly
Aug 26, 2014

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The Community YMCA in Red Bank, NJ has 4 maintenance techs, 8 locations, and 5,000 regular members. Jack Behr, Vice President of Facilities Management, tells us how MaintenanceEdge has helped his YMCA.

Here is their story:

The Community YMCA replaces paper with a CMMS Before FacilityDude, the tracking of all maintenance work orders at The Community Y was done on paper. A staff member would write down a work order and that piece of paper went to a supervisor for a signature. It was then placed in the facility technician’s mailbox or placed on their desk. There was no accountability and no one was really aware of the status of the work that had been requested. Now with FacilityDude, all maintenance work is documented in one place, and the Y is able to maintain a history of all problems and their resolutions.

I see the benefits of FacilityDude from the big picture: It enables the Y to both centralize and reference all of the information about its facility and equipment. For example, I can search for the seven boilers at the Red Bank, NJ location and obtain all the necessary data about them in a few clicks. Not only am I able to see a list of them, with their type and size, but I can determine how many times each one has been serviced or repaired, the dates, and the nature of the problems. This type of information is crucial to the YMCA’s everywhere, both large and small, as everyone needs accurate facility information to make correct decisions, especially when equipment is involved. It is all there in one place.

With the Planned Maintenance Module, I can schedule all the work I need to do in advance, and FacilityDude will remind me via email when to do it. As all Y Staff Members know, regardless of the size of your Y, there is always something that comes up that distracts you from your scheduled work. In addition, it is often difficult to remember what you have planned and when. FacilityDude not only serves as a reminder, but ensures that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks. The facility techs that use the software also love it because it is very user-friendly.

One focus for us was the need to zero in on the fitness equipment. What were the issues that Members were having? What parts needed replacing? What needed cleaning? You could take an educated guess, but with FacilityDude, you know for certain. There is no speculation because you have the data to prove it! We lease almost all of our fitness equipment for a three year period, although there are certain pieces of equipment that we do own. We want to use the pieces that we do own to the end of their useful life and FacilityDude helps us determine when that time has come.

For example, we’ve had situations where we receive comments from members about breakdowns, and issues they have had with certain pieces of equipment. Now I can just go into FacilityDude and pull all the Work Orders associated with that piece of equipment. It usually turns out that the bulk of the comments are made about machines that we own which are ten years old. These are the types of issues that FacilityDude can help us identify, with back-up, what to fix and what to replace.

Most recently, The Community YMCA has input the data on all thirty of the vehicles our Counseling & Social Services Branch owns. FacilityDude will help us with Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance required for fleet management and provide the necessary historical data in one place.

I know what I want from FacilityDude. I want anything and everything facilities related, equipment, machinery and otherwise, tracked in the system. I want warranties listed in one place and a record of all scheduled, as well as unscheduled, maintenance. While MS Excel can record Work Orders, FacilityDude does it all. The efficiency and reliability of the software makes us a better association and a better Y for our members. It is my hope that FacilityDude will be my legacy to my successors and The Community Y.


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