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The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta increase accountability with MaintenanceEdge

By Kate Donnelly
May 29, 2014

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With over 2,000 acres serving 56 counties, Christy Jellets, Camp Property Manager, decided that MaintenanceEdge was the right choice to help keep track of everything going on in the orgaization.

Here is their story:

When I took my role as the Camp Property Manager at the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, I brought my administrative knowledge of FacilityDude for the organization since I had used it at my previous job. Part of my role here is to oversee the usage of FacilityDude. 

GSATL I don’t have a ton of people to look after but I certainly have a ton of things to look after. That being said, I think the biggest concern for me as the Property Manager is accountability. If a piece of equipment breaks down and I see you failed to complete some of the maintenance, there is accountability. It’s easy for anyone to forget to change the HVAC filters when you’re in the hurry, but now there is no excuse. FacilityDude is part of a management style, my guys like the freedom to run their properties as they see fit and as long as I can check that it’s been done in MaintenanceEdge, I’m happy. 

We use FacilityDude for our daily inspections, like checking the pool chemical levels, making sure the refrigerators are a certain temperature, etc. You put in a work order and it just happens! We include weekly and monthly safety checks in MaintenanceEdge also. For example, we have reminders to get our annual fire inspection done. The work order only says to call a number and get them to come out to the property, but it’s important to have these reminders set in case we have a new ranger or technician and they don’t know what the last guy did. I have an active duty military personnel employee who may have to go away for a year, and FacilityDude makes it so anyone can pick up where he left off. No one gets left in the dark.

Nonprofits tend to spend money on the program, the activity, the community, and let the facilities suffer because they assume the dollars are better spent elsewhere. Everyone needs to remember to maintain the foundation of all these programs and activities, because without our buildings and assets we have nothing— and if you don’t maintain them, they will fail.

Every single nonprofit needs FacilityDude because it tells our asset story in a clear and concise way for donors, constituents, and supporters. It provides a detailed description of all your assets right at your fingertips. Donors want to see that you have been maintaining your assets, and that you have a plan in place for continuing that maintenance. I can let the data in our FacilityDude account tell the story for me because you can’t argue with solid data. Donors don’t want to hear a diatribe as to why you need more money, they want numbers. FacilityDude provides us with unquestionable data— it’s just the facts.

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