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The Zombie Apocalypse: Before

By Tim Wyckoff
Jun 25, 2014

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Zombie Lair Did you miss the Zombie Apocalypse session at FacilityDude University this year? Have no fear, Tim Wyckoff, District Property Director at the YMCA of Middle Tennesee, was kind enough to turn his presentation into a blog for us, so no one goes unprepared.

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The Zombie Apocalypse: Before

As facility managers, our job is to prepare for the inevitable. Someday the power will go out. Someday a water line will break. And yes, someday the zombies will show up.

You get called a hero every day – whether you fixed a water leak or changed a flickering light bulb. But you and I both know there’s nothing super-human about having the right tools and know-how to get a job done. It’s all about preparation. Why should the zombie apocalypse be any different?

Let’s first take a look at what we’re dealing with: The Living Dead. They’re people…sort of. They’re dead, but not quite.  They’ll bite you, scratch you, or maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll eat you alive. Best case scenario – you’re food; worst case – you become one of them.

But the world needs you alive, so it’s time for you to figure out a plan to keep the zombies as far away as possible from you and those you like.

Step 1: Communication. Chances are, “the grid” is down which means cell towers and electricity are out of the question. There’s a chance your land line still works, but there’s a better chance you’re not still living in 1992, so you probably don’t have a land line anymore. Communicate on the front-end about where you’ll meet up with your people. Tell them your facility is the strongest, and make them come up with good codenames and passwords to get in your building (for example: “Hello Facility He-Man, this is MarshmallowFluff…may I enter your fortress?” sounds pretty legit, right?).

Step 2: Security. My advice is, start with the basics, then layer-up. Have your safe room figured out first – get plenty of water, non-perishable foods, and board games to last you through the Summer of Z. Now make sure your facility can hold a perimeter. Are your doors and windows lockable and hurricane-proof? In reality, you’re better off if you can keep the undead away from your building altogether. Heavy-duty gates and fencing can go a long way in keeping the zombies at bay, but ideally you’ve already got a moat worked into your facility’s master architectural plan. If not, work on it.

Zombies are a part of life, but you need not be scared.

Prepare now. Save yourself. Be a hero.

Tim Wyckoff

Here you observe Tim Wyckoff teaching our attendees to ward off zombies. 

Click here to check out his full presentation.

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