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Town of Mansfield, CT, Cuts Work Order Administration by 50% & Sees Substantial Time Savings

By Emma Finch
Apr 30, 2013

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The Town of Mansfield, CT, is home to 24,884 citizens and has 24 locations which the Facilities Management Department performs upkeep on. They were trying to keep up with work orders in two systems and the administrator was stuck doing a lot of busy work. Thanks to their successful implementation of MaintenanceEdge, work order administration work has been cut by 50% which has freed up the administrator’s time to do more important tasks. Beth Spinner, Facilities Management Administrator, walks us through the positive impact this has had on their department.

Here is their story:

What challenges were you facing?

We had two separate work order systems previously. The four public schools had their own ticketing system and the remaining town buildings utilized a program that was server-based. When a work order was submitted, it would come to me and I had to enter everything into the system and process it. I’d have to estimate how long to complete the work, gauge how high of a priority it was, and assign it to a maintenance specialist. Then, I’d print out the work orders and give the maintainers their batch—either in their mailbox, hand it to them, or send it to the location they were working out of. Most of the maintainers would stick their batch of work orders in the front seat of their truck and invariably requests would get lost. It was a nightmare! In addition to that, I was the only one who would use the system and so when I was out of the office, everything came to a halt; nothing was processed.

What made you choose FacilityDude?

The automatic notification feature was instrumental in our decision. When you put a work order in, the maintenance specialists are automatically updated via text message and email. This has been a huge improvement for us. I know they’re seeing the work right away, wherever they are. The automatic routing was a selling point, too and it saves a lot of time for me. All the electrical work goes to our electrician, the plumbing work goes to our plumber, and so on; and I don’t have to be involved in that step of the process. We also appreciated the fact that the system is web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

How was implementation?

I did not find it difficult at all. We were able to get the system set up the way we wanted it because it’s flexible and user-friendly. The support is excellent! I love the chat option for help. The client service advisors always have the answers I need. If we can’t figure it out over chat, they give me a call. I’ve never had a time when they couldn’t answer my question. We trained office staff at each location as requestors and have received the same feedback from every single one of them: “This is so much easier than the last program! This is a breeze!”

How has MaintenanceEdge helped you save time or resources?

MaintenanceEdge has cut my work order administrative work almost in half. Requestors put in their own work orders, work is automatically routed to the correct person and the maintenance staff gets automatic updates about what’s assigned to them. Now instead of entering all that information myself, I oversee the system and check for minor things which need to be fixed.

Another way MaintenanceEdge has saved time is the auto generated and distributed reports. In our old system, I was the only one who could generate reports. Requestors could see a list of work orders they put in, but no other details were visible to them. If the office staff was having a meeting, they wanted an update on their work orders and so I had to go in and print reports for each location. Now, users at each location can see information about their requests and print a report on the statuses, which gives them more control over getting the information when they need it.

What else has MaintenanceEdge helped you with?

This list is long! First of all, nothing falls through the cracks. Before, there was too much opportunity for requests to get lost or miscommunicated. Now with the immediate notifications, we have a better grasp of what’s going on. The maintainers have all their assignments at their fingertips. They can be at any of our buildings and check their phone or email and see what needs to be done.

Also, we’re all in the same system now, which means we can all see the same information. We don’t have office staff trying to keep track of their submitted work orders in their own Excel file and we’re not trying to manage double-data entry between two different systems. We’ve set up reports to generate every Monday morning and automatically be emailed to a main requestor at each location as well as the building principal/director. The report shows the work orders for that location and the status on each. This lets those individuals stay updated and if they have a question, they can call me and we’ll figure it out. For instance, if they think a work order has been closed out too soon, we can check that information. This keeps everyone in the same loop.

As I “play” with the system to become more knowledgeable, I keep finding new ways to make our days a little easier. For example, the custodians have a meeting the first Tuesday of every month. They tend to forget it, so they like me to text them on that day and remind them. That takes time! It dawned on me to make a PM for this. I set up a schedule for the meeting for the first Tuesday of each month, and now they all get an automatic text update that day about the meeting. That’s one less thing for me to have to remember to do. Little things like this keep taking more items from my daily work order “to do” list, allowing me more general work time. The workload is being lifted from my shoulders and put into the system and that is wonderful! Now, I can focus on more important tasks that will better help my department.

What would you tell someone about MaintenanceEdge?

It is a blessing! We use every feature we can in MaintenanceEdge and it’s really helped our department. This  system has brought us even more into the electronic age, where the rest of the worlds workforce is. It was a very smart decision to go with MaintenanceEdge from FacilityDude.

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