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Town of Normal, IL Saves $20,000 on Facility Assessment with Capital Forecast

By Emma Finch
Aug 14, 2014

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The Town of Normal, IL, recently used MaintenanceEdge and Capital Forecast in their facility assessment with great success. They were able to shave nearly $20,000 off of the amount they had budget for the project. 

Here is their story:

Normal IL We recently used MaintenanceEdge and Capital Forecast in our facility assessment process and it proved very helpful. We were bringing in an outside engineering firm to help us with the overall assessment, but wanted a finer level of detail without adding significant costs and also wanted to help the staff become more familiar with our buildings and equipment.

We settled on having the Facilities Management Department gather the more granular details on the equipment and then shared that information with the engineering firm. This helped in two ways: the staff learned a lot about our equipment and we were able to hand that data off to the outside firm so that from the start, they had a better understanding of our facilities. They came in, validated our information and made comments, and effectively devoted their efforts to the specific level of expertise we needed them for.

Having our team in the field collecting data worked well and created some efficiencies for us. We were able to walk around with iPads and note any deficiencies we saw. If needed, we would make a work order, snap a picture and then send that to our executive assistant. She would file it and by the time I would get back to the office, everything would be done and I was on to the next task. With all of our information on the computer, I could then filter by location and I set up the engineers working on the project as users in FacilityDude, so they could pull our information and sort it as well.

It was a very efficient process. We budgeted $55,000 for this facility assessment and we were able to do it for only $35,497.84, so we saw a huge savings of nearly $20,000. Overall, using FacilityDude’s applications to complement our facility assessment project was a great experience and made the whole process much more efficient.

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