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Tracking Sustainability Initiatives in Healthcare Facilities

By Amy Myers
Aug 16, 2012

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Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword in healthcare facilities. In just a few years, the level of awareness and commitment towards increasing sustainability efforts has grown tremendously.

Health Facilities Management's article, "Green Guidance: Gathering Resources to Launch Sustainability Initiatives" addresses this trend and the importance of implementing sustainability programs by saying, “Sustainability has grown to be a relevant, challenging health care pursuit that is environmentally sound and can also be financially rewarding.”

Earth inside of a light bulb Designing a program around the triple bottom-line of “people, planet and profit” allows a program to have balance between community benefit, environmental impact and the monetary investment. Determining and conveying the return on investment to the C-suite is critical to obtaining their buy-in.

The hard work isn’t done once the program has gotten the C-Suite’s approval or after it has been launched. You must track and measure programs in order to determine the effectiveness and identify cost-savings. And if you needed motivation to measure your program, Health Facilities Management's article states measuring can lead to greater success.

"Health care sustainability programs experiencing success do so in part because they measure and report successes. So with each area of sustainability focus, there should be a baseline measurement, with defined goals and ongoing measurements."

So how do you measure and report success? By using an energy management tool such as FacilityDude's UtilityTrac Plus. UtilityTrac Plus makes it easy to track conservation efforts and observe changes in consumption patterns. It can track just about any commodity or quantifiable service. The tool helps you analyze your energy spend by tracking and auditing utility bills. Weather normalization allows you to easily benchmark and compare use from one year to the next. And once you find energy savings, built-in reporting enables you to document and prove program success to the C-suite.

Going green while saving some green? That is a sustainable idea!

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