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The Twelfth Day of Maintenance: Customer Satisfaction

By FacilityDude
Dec 19, 2013

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#12 It's the twelfth day of maintenance, which means we're nearing the end of this festive and educational time of the year. So far, we've aimed to bring you quality content about running the best facility possilbe and the benefits of the ultimate stocking stuffer: maintenance management software. However, we feel it's important that you know how Dudes and Dudettes such as yourselves have enjoyed our own CMMS: MaintenanceEdge. Fortunately, we've already done some of the legwork for you, as our recent case study took us down to lovely, Savannah, GA. Read on to learn how MaintenanceEdge helped The Landings Club, and how it could help you.

The where and why

Picture the warm and setting sun over 55 snow-free buildings, 24 tennis courts, six golf courses and 4 unfrozen pools. This is The Landings Club on Skidway Island, 12 miles southeast of Savannah. The charming facility sells itself on the premise of peaceful living with a touch of vacation. Based on the pictures alone, it's clear why someone may want to spend the rest of  or her days there. A facility of that size would require some serious building maintenance, making it a potentially excellent candidate for MaintenanceEdge.

Doug Henderson, Director of Maintenance and Engineering, explained to us how he had already worked with a couple of other tools that were too costly and complex. Henderson did his research and eventually came across a contact that was already using our product. According to Henderson, he felt that the program would grow with The Landings Club. It also happened to be affordable.

How they liked it

Henderson and Aislynn Tierney, the Engineering Administrative Assistant at The Landings Club, had a lot of good things to say about MaintenanceEdge. How did implementation go? Take it from Henderson:

"The process was quick and painless, and the whole FacilityDude crew was able to work with my schedule to make it happen," he told FacilityDude. "Mostly, the implementation process was easy because FacilityDude knocks customer service out of the park!"

thumbs up That's great to hear, but what about some of the long-term effects? Aisylnn said that MaintenanceEdge has resulted in an all-new process for the club. At the time of the case study, they had over 100 projects set up, allowing The Landings Club to create punch lists as well as compare the actual costs of each project to the budget they originally set. Not only that, but they have also used it to track the progress of those projects. 

What you stand to gain

MaintenanceEdge is the ultimate holiday gift to you, your facility, your staff and your customers. Keeping track of work orders means more routine maintenance checks and more efficient schedules. You can minimize equipment breakdowns and maximize facility efficiency. As The Landings Club noted, it can even help when inspectors request maintenance information. All you have to do is pull up the information that's in the system.

With MaintenanceEdge, customers can report an issue to your staff, it can be entered as a work order, and you can keep them updated on the progress and let them know when it is completed. This level of customer service lets people know they are being heard, and action is being taken. It eliminates the feeling that their requests just go into a black hole and are never seen again!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, MaintenanceEdge can help keep your facility safe. Broken or damaged equipment can lead to injuries and illnesses among staff and customers. Yet, with a cloud-based record of repairs, you know equipment is giving you frequent trouble and you may be able to quickly determine if it needs replacing. So, whether your facility is basking in sub-tropical sun, or buried in a few feet of snow, you could celebrate the holidays knowing everything is running as safe and sound as you can make it. However, don't just take our word for it.


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