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Unclean facilities cut down on productivity

By FacilityDude
Nov 20, 2013

Maintenance, Facilities Management

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If your facilities are in need of some sprucing up, it might not just be your equipment that is unable to perform to its full potential. While it's important to make sure that your buildings and systems are maintained so that all the necessary equipment continues to run efficiently, your staff can also benefit from keeping your facilities tidy.

cleaning supplies A recent poll performed by Staples found that people tend to feel more productive when their office environments are clean. A whopping 94 percent of those surveyed said that they felt like they got more work done in a tidy space. On top of that, over three-quarters of these respondents stated that the work they were producing was better in terms of quality.

Numbers like that can make a facilities manager really stop and think. It's not hard to believe that unkempt facilities can put a damper on a staff's work ethic. Excessive dirt and clutter around your facilities can stress even the most laid-back of employees. Personnel who are overwhelmed with having to dig through messy piles every time they're looking for a document may have a hard time accomplishing anything.

Personnel make personal cleaning efforts

According to Dynamic Business, productivity can be impeded as employees concerned about facilities' cleanliness may take extra time to ensure their own personal hygiene as well as the cleanliness of their individual work areas. If workspaces seem like they're not regularly disinfected or cleaned, staff members may start worrying about getting sick or even dirty. As a result, they could end up carving time out of their work schedule to do their own tidying up.

Because of this, facilities managers may often need to expand their facilities maintenance tasks. Routine checkups around facilities can be easily coordinated so that maintenance personnel will be able to spot areas that need to be addressed - whether it is a pipe that keeps dripping water onto the floor or a mysterious odor that is stinking up the building. Scheduling simple tasks to ensure a work environment is clean and organized will help to provide a more welcoming environment for both staff and guests.

Having a CMMS system like MaintenanceEdge will help facilities maintenance personnel keep up with the variety of tasks necessary to maintain a facility in good working order. Luckily, all of those facilities maintenance work orders that used to require all kinds of forms and paperwork documentation can now be managed electronically, cutting down on the paper clutter and space once needed to store them.

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