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Eliminate water waste for steeper energy savings

By FacilityDude
Nov 01, 2013

Facilities Management, Energy Management

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When facilities managers investigate strategies to cut energy costs, the first thing to come to mind may be reducing electrical bills. Little do they know, they may also benefit from making sure that their facilities are not wasting water!

Like many of us, staff members may take water for granted. It's so readily accessible and such a main staple of facilities' operations that it can be easy to forget that it can actually cause a flood of unnecessary costs.

Water Bottle According to Today's Facility Manager, the expenses associated with outdated water and wastewater systems are steadily increasing. Without the proper equipment, a facility's water functions can be extremely inefficient. These systems are complex, having numerous components that can prove costly if they are too old. After all, energy is required to heat, treat, pump and move the water needed to keep facilities running. The cost of that treatment can increase exponentially if there are snags, leaks, or malfunctions in systems that consume or transport water.  For example, again according to Today’s Facility Manager, over 6% of a facility’s overall water use can often be attributed to leaks alone, and can add up to thousands of dollars of unnecessary spend.

For this reason, it is essential to minimize energy expenses by addressing not only a facility's electrical systems, but also its water usage. Today’s Facility Manager recommended that the best way to go about boosting efficiency in terms of water usage is by taking some simple FM steps.  To identify these steps, however, a supplemental energy analysis tool may be necessary.

Facilities managers have to know exactly what they are working with before they try to overhaul their water expenditure. Using FacilityDude's UtilityTrac Plus, FM staff can easily arrange and manage audits to inspect the current state of their water systems by leveraging utility bill analysis. Maintenance personnel can then target their assessment of the condition of each component involved in these facilities' functions. These pieces of equipment may range from the parts required to store the water all the way to those needed to distribute it.

Painless water waste prevention

Seattle Public Utilities advised that FM representatives carefully look over each portion of a facility's water system, making sure that there are no leaks to be found. By finding and fixing even the most microscopic of holes in piping, maintenance staff can avoid the flood gates from opening, and wasting thousands gallons of water! As any manager can imagine, that translates into money saved on utilities bills.

On top of that, this organization suggested that FM departments look into creating their own sources of water. Managers should consider collecting rain water. The beauty of this water is that it is completely free and can be used for anything that does not require treated water, such as watering facilities' plants.

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