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Why your capital planning and maintenance management should meet

By Kate Donnelly
Jul 30, 2014

Maintenance, Facilities Management, Asset Management, Technology

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Why your capital planning and maintenance management should meet For facility managers, one of the biggest and most time-consuming parts of the job is staying on top of work orders and maintenance requests.

Of course, savvy facility managers must keep an eye on future building development needs, be they replacing old equipment or planning for future expansions. It may seem that reconciling these two needs can be counterproductive, but there are tools available that can help handle both tasks simultaneously. Computer maintenance management systems help you manage current maintenance requests, and may simultaneously be useful for tracking capital planning for future projects.

Many maintenance benefits

As a tool for tracking maintenance schedules and repair requests, CMMSs are invaluable. FacilitiesNet touted the many maintenance benefits of a properly-implemented CMMS system, not as a replacement for an existing maintenance schedule, but rather as a tool to supplement and increase the efficiency of current processes.

A planning tool as well

Far from the day-to-day number crunching involved in preventative maintenance and addressing repair considerations, Canadian Facility Management & Design reported that capital planning is often relegated to its own task and kept separate from maintenance management. However, according to CFM&D, the truth is the two tasks actually influence each other in integral ways, and can both be facilitated through the use of a CMMS.

According to CFM&D, overlap between capital planning systems and maintenance management systems is currently sparse. This is a missed opportunities for facility managers to increase efficiency, stay on top of maintenance and still be able to keep track of budgets for future projects.

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