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Increase Productivity, Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

Managing a commercial facility isn't easy. Maybe your maintenance team is spread out over multiple locations halfway to the next county, or maybe you've got just one guy trying to wrangle all those work orders. Perhaps your utility bills have skyrocketed and it's having a major impact on your profitability.

FacilityDude has a suite of online applications tailored to fit facilities of all sizes. They can help you better manage your maintenance, utilities, and inventory. This translates into three benefits for our commercial clients: improved services, increased efficiency, and money saved.

We manage the servers so that you can manage your facility. There's no software to install or backups to worry about. All you need is internet access to start streamlining your facility's operations.

Our systems will help you do more with what you have. They will help you to extend the life of your facilities, improve facility usage cost recovery, improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory requirements, and reduce energy costs. When all is said and done, they typically generate productivity gains of 15% or more.

And best of all, they help you look good while you focus on your "core" business! Now you know what The Dude can do for you.

Solutions for commercial


Online CMMS and Facility Management Platforms to manage your facility with centralized requests, automated maintenance workflow, and simple reporting to protect your assets and create long range plans.


Track utility costs and consumption with online energy management software to improve building energy efficiency lower energy bills.

Facility Usage

Efficiently book facility space as needed while streamlining the facility scheduling process and coordinating facility usage automatically.

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