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Why Web Based? If your company is like most, the cost of keeping up your facility eats up a major part of your budget. Small changes in how you manage maintenance, utilities, and inventory can mean a big bump to your bottom line. That's what makes FacilityDude's facility management solutions so valuable. You can use our web-based platform to subdue that budget monster. Your vital data “lives” 100% online, providing one central place for storing all the information. Easy to implement and use, you'll have the support needed to keep your facilities running smoothly.  

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Online CMMS and Facility Management Platforms to manage your facility with centralized requests, automated maintenance workflow, and simple reporting to protect your assets and create long range plans.


Track utility costs and consumption with online energy management software to improve building energy efficiency lower energy bills.



Track work requests on assets and crew routes on a web-based map for better transparency and accountability and to improve efficiency.


Make your operations a safer place for you and your employees with safety solutions.


Facility Usage

Efficiently book facility space as needed while streamlining the facility scheduling process and coordinating facility usage automatically.


Control and optimize your IT investments with help desk ticketing, asset discovery, inventory and tracking, mobile device management, software usage metering and license management

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