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Conserving resources is just smart business, and it’s easier than ever to observe changes in consumption patterns, track conservation efforts, and take advantage of rebates.

With UtilityTrac you can also measure and track greenhouse gas emissions, manage LEED programs, and stay up-to-date on ENERGY STAR metrics and ratings. 

You get better reporting and accountability without sacrificing careful analysis, and like all of FacilityDude’s products, UtilityTrac scales to serve organizations of all sizes. We don’t want you to get left in the dark (bad pun intended).  You can track just about any commodity or quantifiable service in our tool including electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, water, sewer, telephone, internet and more.

Entering utility bill data got you down? FacilityDude's Utility Bill Automation Service is here to help automate the data collection and delivery process to your UtilityTrac account.


  • Better analysis – Follow weather trends and events, monitor energy usage and spending, and audit monthly bills automatically.
  • Easy tracking – Keep tabs on greenhouse gas emissions, conservation initiatives, and energy use indices.
  • Clear progress – Obtain ENERGY STAR ratings, compare the performance of similar buildings , and establish benchmarks.


bUtility Bill Tracking & Auditing

iAd-hoc Reporting with Easy Exports

kEnergy Benchmarking & Budgeting

sConservation Project Tracking

jCustomizable Dashboard

nWeather Normalization

rBill Importing

wENERGY STAR Integration

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