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Leaving lights and HVAC running or paying a technician to come in for after-hours events to turn systems on and off? Sounds like a lot of extra overhead and utility costs that are seldom offset by rental fees. Facility Schedule Automation automates the management of building systems to support facility usage ensuring the comfort and reliability of your facilities.

Facility Schedule Automation is a solution that integrates with Facility Schedule (sold separately) to share data with your building automation system (BAS). Automatically schedule your systems, such as HVAC and lighting, to coordinate with facility usage.


  • Productivity & Efficiency - Optimize after hour schedules based on actual usage
  • Energy Efficiency - Reduce energy costs by 3% to 5%
  • Customer Satisfaction - Improve customer service and community relations by assuring proper space conditions


4Integrates with Facility Schedule and your BAS to coordinate facility scheduling

6Enables event schedule changes in Facility Schedule to automatically reset your BAS to controlled mode

tIncludes timed BAS overrides to control building conditioning and costs

vProvides historical documentation of all scheduled events, cancellations and overrides

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