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Improve the Facility Scheduling Process

Scheduling events and managing facility usage is no picnic. Often times it takes the resources of multiple departments to manage requests, route forms for approval, juggle multiple calendars to check availability, prepare and breakdown events, and track all of the details and costs. How do you manage it all? With Facility Schedule, you can automate the entire event management process to make scheduling, tracking and invoicing more efficient.

Facility Schedule is an online facility scheduling tool for managing facility usage requests and requirements, tracking event schedules, and accounting for usage expenses.

Integrate with MaintenanceEdge (sold separately) and enable event service providers to create work requests for tracking event setup labor and materials. You can also automatically integrate your approved facility events schedule with your Building Management System to condition space for after-hours use through Facility Schedule Automation™ (sold separately).


  • Convenience - Greatly simplifies the facility usage request process and maximizes facility usage
  • Liability - Mitigates risk by tracking who is in your facilities, including what space is used and when
  • Reporting - Documents actual facility usage costs to help justify rental rates and improve cost recovery
  • Coordination - Improves coordination of support resources for events (e.g. HVAC, custodial, or setup requirements)


yEnables event requesters to check facility availability and submit usage requests

xEnables event requesters to request equipment and services

mAutomatically routes usage requests to approval managers

cAutomatically emails event service providers regarding event setup requirements

zAllows booking of single or multiple rooms at a location for a single event or recurring event schedule

1Displays facility use events on interactive calendar, including location, start time and status

sTracks facility usage costs with billing, payment and usage summary

2Tracks contact information for groups using facilities, including permits, contracts, and insurance policies

3Community Use: Provides a public events guest view and enables registered community users to submit facility requests online

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