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When you manage crews who work in the field all day, place matters. They need to know what work they have waiting for them nearby. Supervisors need to know where their units are currently and where they are headed. With one touch, crews out in the field can record location and type of work, and that information is instantly uploaded to a real-time map for supervisors. Communication between those in the field and the office is streamlined so information can be shared easily.

App is available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Responsiveness - intake citizen requests and quickly assign the nearest crews to urgent requests
  • Transparency - document routes, improve information sharing, and track work
  • Productivity - improve efficiency of routes and easily flag issues for other departments


vView, manage, and create work requests.

F­Flag tool easily inputs work orders directly to map—one touch records location and type of work.

TView and print detailed reports and maps.

3Citizens can submit work requests with photos and locations.

IAttach photos and recordings to work requests for richer data.

MUtilizes the phone's GPS to accurately mark locations.

PCollect GIS asset data with a mobile device.

GIntegrate your GIS data so you can leverage the data you have already invested in.

HNo software to install—we securely host data so that it is accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection.

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