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In order to initiate the capital planning process, having the right tools to evaluate building condition and prioritize investment is key. You need to be able to identify where repairs, renovations and replacements are required, accurately calculate costs and then prioritize projects. Capital Forecast provides quick and easy access to an inventory of structures and assets along with a record of their age and condition. By using this powerful modeling tool you can identify and assess what needs to be done and determine which is likely to prove a better return-on-investment.

Capital Forecast also integrates with MaintenanceEdge bridging the gap between your capital planning and operational maintenance programs to enhance your overall facility management capabilities.


  • Helps justify funding and budget requests by tracking the cost of correcting maintenance deficiencies
  • Reduces risk by ensuring that needs are properly prioritized
  • Easily generates customizable reports for analyzing capital budgets and expenditures
  • Automatically updates your live capital forecast with real-time maintenance costs by integrating with your work order process (requires MaintenanceEdge Work Order)
  • Provides access to your capital forecast data anytime, anywhere from any computer via the web


1Facilitates the creation of long-range capital plans by forecasting major equipment and building replacements and renovations

7Tracks deferred maintenance backlog and needs

sEnables evaluation of the cost consequences of not correcting deficiencies

hAssociates needs with equipment to enable comparison of maintenance costs versus replacement costs

4Associates corrections with estimates and work orders through MaintenanceEdge Work Order integration

iApplies predictive data to model replacement of systems and sub-systems in your buildings

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