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Ensure Accurate Inventory Levels

A global economy means that business is more competitive than ever. Keeping an edge requires streamlined processes and efficient management. Smart inventory management with InventoryEdge can reduce inventory shrinkage by 2-3% and dead inventory by 1%. Cha-ching!


  • Accuracy - Record where and when parts are used
  • Efficiency – Streamline processes and communication through online inventory request submissions
  • Flexibility - Implement site-based management systems to track inventory levels at any location
  • Reduced Expenses - Lower costs with predictive purchasing and intelligent buying practices
  • Easy Integration - Issue and allocate work orders with MaintenanceEdge


sTracks all inventory transactions, including issues, receipts, returns, adjustments, orders, and transfers

hAllows inventory to be allocated to a location, project, work order, or employee

gRecords receipt of inventory to pools, including item number, tax, supplier item ID, budget code, invoice, and PO number

cAutomatically emails requesters with confirmation receipts along with update alerts as the order status changes

fAllows material safety datasheets to be linked to inventory item records

vIntegrates seamlessly with MaintenanceEdge's Work Order to allocate expenses associated with maintenance requests

eCommunicates with MaintenanceEdge's Planned Maintenance to track inventory items required for preventive maintenance tasks

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