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Planned Maintenance brings the future into the present by creating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules. It also generates and automatically assigns planned maintenance work orders and displays scheduled tasks on an interactive calendar. 

Planned Maintenance integrates seamlessly with Work Order, and the combination of the two enables you to make more accurate workload forecasts. You'll be ready for routine jobs and seasonal issues, and with the addition of our Critical Alarm module, you can integrate PM work orders with your existing Building Automation and Energy Management Systems.

When you're monitoring work orders in real-time with no trace of concern, we think you'll agree that planning is the best antidote for panic.


  • Simple Scheduling - Includes a step-by step wizard for quickly creating PM schedules
  • Easy Budgeting - Tracks total PM cost by building a component system
  • Save Money - Extend equipment life by as much as 35%
  • Convenience - Access your PM schedules online anytime, anywhere, from any computer


qCreates recurring maintenance schedules

vAutomatically generates and assigns PM work orders with Work Order integration

eDisplays scheduled PM work on an interactive calendar for resource scheduling

cSends automatic email notifications each time you create a PM work order

rDisplays estimated cost of materials and labor needed for upcoming PM work

fTracks vital information about equipment, such as manufacturer, model and serial numbers, service dates, and warranty

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