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Efficient Workflow Management

The powerful Work Order tool is the linchpin of the MaintenanceEdge suite. This module enables you to receive and assign work requests, schedule and manage maintenance for techs or vendors, automatically record labor and purchase transactions, and access all your data via built-in performance reports. Programmable logic allows you to automate the approval and assignment of work requests.


  • Convenience - Access your work order data online anytime, anywhere, from any computer
  • Productivity - Reduce data entry and phone calls for work requests
  • Reporting - Generate simple yet detailed reports on work order status, costs, and more
  • Customer Satisfaction - Automated communication keeps customers in the loop


xEnables requesters to submit and track the status of work requests online

cAutomatically notifies requesters of updates via e-mail

bAutomates daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports

oAllows technicians to receive and complete work online

gAssociates budget codes, projects, and equipment with work orders

eIncludes interactive calendar for allocating resources and scheduling

pAutomatically routes work requests based on your specific business processes

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