Facility Dude

Our Engineers Love Firewalls and Backups, Seriously!

Here's one of the questions that our clients ask on a regular basis: If I use your web-based tools and store all my facility's information online in the cloud, is all that data safe?

The short answer is an emphatic Yes! If your business has an IT department, then you probably have a network administrator who monitors the firewall to keep your data secure from hackers, computer viruses, and other threats. This creates a sense of security.

When your data lives on FacilityDude’s servers, it is not “outside” a firewall and thus unprotected. It is “inside” our firewalls, and though we would never make a blanket statement about our firewalls being better than those offered by other enterprise-level IT teams, FacilityDude takes pride in utilizing advanced firewall protection and market-leading security technology. We regularly consult with other industry experts to ensure that we aren't overlooking anything.

We're never asleep on the job either. Our network security engineers monitor the FacilityDude network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The security team proactively monitors inbound and outbound network traffic to identify and manage potential threats to FacilityDude applications and systems. In addition, all application traffic is encrypted using SSL.

The investment that small enterprises can make in firewall protection is often limited because they are protecting a limited number of applications for a single organization. FacilityDude protects the data of thousands of clients, and therefore we invest in technology and expertise that are often simply out of reach for most institutions.

Rest assured that though your data is not behind your firewall, it is protected by FacilityDude’s secure firewall and our team of IT professionals.

We don't have a moat and alligators yet, but they're in the works.

You can check out a full rundown of our data security processes here.